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Uh huh this my sh*t.



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Stormy Whale Tail by Shadowdragoness15
Stormy Whale Tail
So I wanna get another tattoo soon, and so I'm brainstorming ideas. This is one of them! And while drawing this I made the realisation that I love drawing things like this. So stay tuned for more designs!

Art (c) me
SHINY RAINBOWS by Shadowdragoness15
(Sorry for really crap quality, my scanner still isn't working)

I really really wanted to draw a pure white dragon with rainbow markings so I did and this is the end result :la: 

I think I'll make this one an Alchemy dragon; I really like the idea of dragons being able to use more skills than just their elements. And also I think this particular type of skill suits this particular dragon. 

I haven't thought of a name yet, but he is a fully grown male and he has no breath abilities, but as mentioned above, is heavily in tune with his alchemic abilities. He is a hermit of sorts, and can usually be found in his study or in the local library, with his nose in a book. He is always studying, always looking for ways to improve his abilities. Due to this, he is an introvert, and has very few friends as not many people understand his lack of desire for social interaction. Also, his markings are bio-luminescent :la:

I will come up with a more in-depth bio at a later date :)

Hope you like!

[insert dragon's name here] (c) me

Art (c) me 
Brita's Back and Flying High by Shadowdragoness15
Brita's Back and Flying High
Just a background test, I tried my luck at clouds and sky; I think they turned out pretty well, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. So if you think I could improve on anything then feel free to tell me! :)

Also, I never draw backgrounds so this was a nice change of scenery :love:

Also, I made some slight changes to Brita's design!! Just coz :mwahaha: I altered her colours ever so slightly and also gave her a different crest, altered head shape and bigger wings. I like how she looks now, I'm gonna keep it :la:

Anyways, hope you like, the picture ain't the best coz my scanner is pooping itself right now and won't let me scan anything, so expect shitty phone photos of my drawings for a while! 

Brita (c) me

Art (c) me
Inanna by Shadowdragoness15
So here is a little drawing I did for the lovely phoenix-R-fireheart , of her crazy awesome OC Inanna. This one took so long to do, but it was so much fun and her design is so busy and intricate. THE DETAILS :ohnoes: 

I hope I didn't leave anything out and I hope you like it!

PS. Sorry about the crappy lighting, as I went to go scan it, my printer decided to be a poop head and not let me so I had to take a photo of it. 

Inanna (c) phoenix-R-fireheart 

Art (c) me
Zirra by Shadowdragoness15
I was so fascinated by this character's design that I just had to try it out for myself! So here ya go, Zirra the Adalisk, who belongs to the wonderful Seeraphine !!! (Go check out her comic, Zirra's Return, it's totally badass)

I now realise I may have made her too bulky for an Adalisk (I am sorry :ohnoes:)

Legit so much fun to draw and shade, got to try my luck at shading metal too (although my silly scanner doesn't really do much in the way of showing my shading properly -_- )

Anyways, I hope you all like :)

Zirra belongs to Seeraphine 
Art belongs to me


I have taken much liking to drawing other people's OC's lately, it helps me avoid artist's block, and all your OCs are freaking cool :la:

If you want me to draw one of your OCs, feel free to shoot me a message, I WANNA DRAW ALL OF DEM :la:


Shadowdragoness15's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I really love whales.

Life needs more dragons.

Also Gerard Way.

That is all.
Just went through all of my old journal entries.... safe to say I deleted every last one. 12-year-old me... *shudders*

Yes so this is 18-year-old me talking now, I am mature adults (when did that happen?).

I'm about to go through all of my old deviations and do a massive clean-out of all the old, cringe-worthy things I made when I was younger.

Wish me luck.

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